i n F l e u  (it's beta!)



Sun, 2 May 2010 at 10:26am


I am so unsure.

Misguided. decidedly indecisive.

Like releasing all the birds

From all the zoos

All at the same time.

Like cigarettes after breakfast-

Late for work and heartbroken.

Like picking up 48 cards from the floor,

4 spades lay on the table.

Shit Outta-

something, I forgot, put it on the list.

Catch the nest bus, never mind the one you missed.

I want to kiss you in ways my lungs won't allow.

I want to dig a hole to earth's molten core

Just to try and climb out.

Makeshift, cats hiss- all hours in this town.

Winded, but not for long.

The sign read- well I read what the sign said-

the sign said "Slow The Fuck Down".

Like throwing darts at clouds, just hoping they'll erupt. And out will spill all the days that you wish that you could change.

I'd probably do a rain dance-

and demand a second chance

to keep the first one.

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'I want to kiss you in ways my lungs won't allow.' BEAUTIFUL.