i n F l e u  (it's beta!)



Wed, 2 Nov 2011 at 08:02am

I once new a young lass who knew how to love. But the devil he swallowed her, made her fall like a dove. From the sky she did drop to the fires below.

Crawl she did for Heaven's light, screaming to remember, 'tis all that we know. She crawled and she ran and near made her way when the devil came laughing and hauled her away.

Stripped of her senses, fed by his lies. Emerging from hell she had death in her eyes.

I said 'love I have missed you. Where have you been?'. She answered back with a sickening grin.

Holding me tight she whispered to me, 'Boy, I can't forget where we've been. But right now my bloods boiling with sin.'

She kissed me there on the cheek and walked off for a week.

Back she came with two other men. 'Honey I love you but where have you been?'

No words where exchanged but I knew she was gone. The fire in her eyes burned all year long.

Alone I wept and prayed, though her curse it did stay.

Her heart it did tremble but lord I was not swayed.

She was not mine and I was not hers. But t'was only I that remembered these words.

She walked the streets for what she needed. Not once did she hear me, as loud as I pleaded.

'Girl I love you but this is the end.' I cried after her but my words died with the wind.

For every kiss I gave away she made a wound that would never go away.

Every heart that I stole she broke in my hand.My life had been shattered, all 'cross the land.

Now my heart is my own, to share with who I feel. But the devil and her put me through an ordeal.

I tell you this now so that you know- love all you want but don't let life go.

Give your heart away but take it back at the end of the day.

If you forget then hell you shall pay. Till this day my pain hasn't gone away.

Claiming hearts and souls by the guise of love. Tis a powerful thing to play with, when all you want is some fun.

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Good work. Interesting how you contrast the past with the present participle.